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Company history

TIG International Group     The TIG Group was formed in 2005 from the core M2M business team at Nokia following Nokia’s decision to ramp down the business area. However, our team continued to believe in the future possibilities of the business and set about building a strategic partnership with European players. TIG developed   relationships in distribution and integration from a base in Finland, Germany and the UK. The shape and ownership of the business have changed but the key members have not.  The business strategy continues to develop suitable and compelling products to utilize wireless cellular technology  networking assets and core functions of people lives and business outside the normal realms of mobile phones and personal mobile technology - in short, the M2M business or what has become known in certain circles as 'the internet of things'.

     The TIG group has built relationships and credibility in many areas of this business across Europe and beyond working with manufacturing, network operators, distribution, systems integrators and the academic world. In a field which is dominated by Asian products and developments we like to think we bring a different approach to the market with a preference for European developments, manufacturing and way of working focusing on quality, support and longer term commitment to our customers - this has traditionally been a reason why this particular market has not grown as fast as expected as, even the big manufacturers, start to lose patience with progress.

     All considered, there is still a very strong case for there being many more physical assets connected to the internet than people over time. The very simple mathematics of adding the number of vehicles, utility meters, security systems and payment machines alone exceeds total population considerably. All of these assets will eventually be connected to the outside world and economically they will Not be wired - they Will be wireless! And, all of these relationships between individuals and the networked world will change the way we live beyond all recognition.

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