TIG Track

TIG Track websideTIG Track is a fully WEB-based, Multi language platform for real-time monitoring. It provides you with a full range of flexibility, reach functionality, wide choice of adjustable reports, direct both-way communication with the driver, integration with a third-party applications and much more. Powered by TeleAtlas Maps and geocoding database it is capable to provide you with a most precise location information. We are working hardly and happy to offer our customers new features and updates coming each month.

We offer:

  • 24/7, real time location of your vehicles, covering whole Europe
  • Mobile application for iPhone and Android
  • Over 20 interface languages
  • Over 27 customizable reports
  • Direct, both-way communication via GARMIN® PDA (including route sending)
  • Maps covering whole Europe
  • Dispatching
  • Thermo King data reports
  • Digital Tachograph Drivers card data receiving in DDD file format
  • Events and alerts (E-mail/SMS/Pup-up individually or all)
  • Geofencing
  • Grouping (driers, objects etc.)
  • Different maps layouts
  • Much more!

TIG Track Web-based::Main view. “Status” window. TIG Track Web-based::History window with extended and customizable parameters. TIG Track Web-based::Report customization process. TIG Track Web-based::Start-Stop report example. TIG Track Web-based::Events window. Extended and customizable parameters. TIG Track Web-based::Dispatching example. TIG Track Web-based::Catalogue screen with opened PIO settings. TIG Track Web-based::Settings window.

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